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Growing food for a better future

We are engineers who came together leaving our conventional jobs to innovate healthy way of eating. Our ancestors lived long without any health problems because of their food intake. Many things changed too since western world impacted our food culture to the extent where we have forgotten what’s a healthy way of eating actually is, which is leading to many worse conditions.

Heart disease now is the leading individual cause of disease burden in India. Deaths due to cardiovascular diseases rose from 13 lakh in 1990 to 28 lakh in 2016. Despite India’s 50% increase in GDP since 1991, more than one third of the world’s malnutrition children live in India. India’s malnutrition problem results not from calorie intake but from dependence on a carbohydrate-based diet low in protein and fat. Another factor triggering malnutrition is inadequate sanitation, which triggers an increase infection borne deficiency in nutrients.

At Trinity Farms we thrive to produce the most nutritious and fresh microgreens using  best organic methods. Our indoor farms create the ideal conditions for growing the purest produce imaginable. Our microgreens are grown using Non-GMO seeds, utilizing UV treated water and are chemical free.