Trinity Farms is a commitment to living fresh. We want to provide healthy and nutritious food to every household, as we think that it’s important to promote better lifestyles. We are Bangalore’s hyper-local farm growing nutritious, pesticide free, organic microgreens and exotic leafy greens. We want to revitalize and provide the neighborhood with the Zero Mile Diet, meaning that they’ll be able to harvest food only minutes from their own home. Buy microgreens & lead a healthy lifestyle.


Locally & Organically Grown

 Our produce is the next evolution in farming. Every crop planted in Trinity farms is precisely cared for, without any pesticides and grown without any compromise. By controlling the entire process, we ensure quality and trace-ability at every step.

We supply local restaurants, farmers markets and individual buyers with the finest quality varieties of microgreens which are 100% pure and pesticide free.

Buy Top Quality Microgreens


At Trinity Farms we take fresh produce to a whole new level. Our grow room, located in Bangalore provides local restaurants, markets and anyone wanting the finest quality varieties of microgreens. All of our seeds are NON-GMO and we use the safest growing methods to provide our customers with the tastiest and healthiest product. Our microgreens are packed in food grade, air tight containers, so they remain fresh and nutritious for a longer period of time. Buy microgreens for a healthier tomorrow.

Our Microgreens are

Grown Locally and Delivered


100% guarantee

Grown From Non GMO Seeds

Grown Naturally


Exotic Leafy Greens

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Add Microgreens to every meal

Salads, burgers, smoothies and sandwiches.

The possibilities are endless. Get in the habit of adding these delicious, adorable tiny greens to every meal!